Nancy Wallace

I am a PhD student, my advisor is François Bergeron. I plan to graduate from UQAM in summer 2021. My research interests are in algebraic combinatorics.

I enjoy working on problems involving symmetric functions, path combinatorics, tableaux, representation theory and Macdonald polynomials. I am currently making progress expanding parking function formulas in terms of Schur functions in the variables q and t.

Among the projects I have, one concerns a set of paths in a staircase grid, which I introduced at FPSAC 2019, in relation to bicharacters for the multivariate diagonal harmonics (see poster). It turns out they are also relevant in commutative algebra.

I enjoy broadening my horizons with Coxeter groups and cluster algebras.

In June some colleagues and I are organizing a summer school of Algebraic combinatorics online. Showcasing women in mathematics that is open to all genders. Hope to see you there!

For my latest reseach paper on bicharacters of diagonale harmonic modules clic here.